News Cast 10/19

News Cast for October 19th:

Students treated after school bus incident 

A suspicious substance that contained a high amount of ammonia made school kids sick. 

The substance was found on the floor of a school bus in Okeechobee Monday morning. 

Several students from Everglades Elementary School smelled the substance and became ill. 

They were checked out at school and released to their parents. 

The Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating this incident. 

They urged parents to make sure their children don’t touch suspicious packages like this. 

Economic Development efforts continue 

The Okeechobee County Economic Development Council continues efforts to bring industry and businesses to our town. 

President Bert Culbreath said they are focused on the entranceway to the industrial park. 

They also are working on two other projects, one at the airport, and the second at the city commerce park 

He said the group continues to work with the state to try and acquire the 1,100 acres formerly used as the Okeechobee School for Boys. 

Officials said it would be an ideal spot for an industrial park. 

Flower shortage likely into 2022 

The pandemic has hit the flower industry in Florida. 

Growers didn’t plant enough flowers last year after the pandemic hit.  At the time they didn’t expect the demand to return so quickly. 

More funerals due to deaths from COVID and more weddings this year that were cancelled in 2021,  have added to the shortage, especially of white roses and carnations. 

Jackie Lacey is Executive Director of the Florida State Florist Association. 

He said florists have to deal with the new normal. 

Glades County Commissioners can use federal CARES dollars to renovate the Buckhead Ridge Volunteer Fire Department building. 

Commission Chairman Tim Stanley said they plan to make the facility fit to live in with new bedrooms, a new roof, a renovated kitchen and an additional bay. 

Glades County recently approved a deal with Okeechobee County fire rescue to provide an ambulance for at least four years. 

Stanley said if a new housing development goes in with 1100 homes, they could opt to work with Okeechobee on a full time ambulance. 

Glades County men enter wrong apartment

Two former Moore Haven men, who were working as Indian River County elementary school physical education teachers, have been arrested after they made their way inside the wrong apartment and one of them got into a stranger’s bed, resulting in an altercation and shooting. 

The incident in Vero Beach this past weekend. 

Indian River County Sheriff Eric Flowers said the men had been drinking. 

He points out nothing good happens after midnight 

The Sheriff posted photos of the suspect on social media and got a great response from the public.

Darius Cohen, 26 is facing attempted murder charges. 

Akkua Hallback, 26, faces drug charges. 

A video caught Cohen chasing after the victim.  The man was shot in the back but is expected to recover.

The school system fired the two men after the arrests.