News Cast 11/1

News Cast for November 1st:

Cash for clues 

Okeechobee Sheriff Investigators are hoping new technology and new witnesses can help them solve some cold case homicides. 

The list of unsolved murder cases date back decades in the county. 

In many of them the suspects are still alive and so are witnesses that could help. 

One homicide being reviewed is of Kenneth McBride, who was shot at the front door of his residence. 

Sheriff Noel Stephen said McBride had a long history with the long drug trade. 

“I chased him back in the crack cocaine days.  He had a history of drug sales.  We speculate there was probably some of this going on at the time.  Someone just walked up to his front door and shot him.” 

Stephen said in many of the cases there are people who know what happened and can provide details they can use to make arrests. 

One of the most well-known missing persons cases in the county is Robin Flynn. 

Stephen says that investigation is one of the most active. 

“We continue to try on that case.  We had information recently and looked at a septic tank in a local residence.  We aren’t giving up.” 

Treasure Coast Crime Stoppers and the Attorney General beefed up rewards to help solve cold cases this year. 

The tipsters can also remain anonymous. 

The list of cold cases include victims like Larry Greenberger, Nixon Astre, Cameron Richardson, Dedrick Upshur, Jesus Torres, Rafael Gaona, Clemente Garcia, Brian Vaughn, Nadine Denis, David Everett and Margaret Burnham. 

Candidate for governor Charlie Crist says fewer people would have died had he been governor during the pandemic. 

Crist told WOKC News during a phone interview that Ron DeSantis has failed the state. 

“It is just appalling.  We are #1 in hospitalizations, infections and death.  We need better leadership and somebody who really cares about the people of Florida.  We need someone who will govern with a heart, with empathy and compassion.” 

Karen Healy was appointed by the governor as Highlands Counties Supervisor of Elections on Friday. 

Penny Ogg passed away over the summer. 

Healy had been assistant supervisor since 2003. 

October was Manufacturers month in Florida. 

Glades County Commissioners adopted a resolution of support. 

They appear to be a county that could grow in the near future. 

Rob Harris with the Southwest Florida Regional Manufacturers Association says companies could see a lot of advantages in Glades County. 

“They see land, that is the main thing.  There is a concern about workforce in sheer numbers.  For the workforce that is here… what is their skill set.” 

Glades County recently gained a technical college that will be operated by the Collier County School Board. 

Harris said the five county region was asked to approve the resolution of support. 

“The goal is to improve the state of manufacturing and make the biggest positive impact that we can for manufacturers so they see growth and new employees.”