News Cast 11/2

News Cast for November 2nd:

Okeechobee cuts greenhouse gases 

Brightmark Reimagine Waste and Larson Dairy are making real progress on their renewable energy project. 

The goal is to turn dairy manure into 171,000 MBTUS of renewable natural gas each year. 

120 acres are being used. 

10,000 cows have agreed to contribute. 

Keyna Cory told Okeechobee Commissioners that the pandemic did slow down the supply line and completion of the project is now scheduled in 2022. 

“We are taking the cow manure into a digester, we take the gas, inject into a pipeline, and then the remaining materials are used by the farmer later on.” 

They are building four lagoons of 30 acres apiece for this project. 

Experts said nine percent of the greenhouse gases produced in the United States comes from agriculture. 

This project would be equal to planting 75,000 acres of forest lands. 

Old girlfriend not home 

A man who entered a stranger’s home in the middle of the night and later got shot, was found not guilty of charges in the case. 

An Okeechobee jury heard the case against Thomas Cannon last week before Circuit Judge Michael McNicholas. 

Cannon had been originally charged with attempted murder for allegedly pointing a gun at the resident. 

The jury acquitted him of attempted manslaughter and aggravated assault with a firearm. 

The resident said he had never seen Cannon before the June 14th of 2020 incident in the 4300 block of US 441 south east. 

The resident woke up to find Cannon in his home, ordered him out, then exchanged words with him in the front yard. 

The victim alleged Cannon grabbed a firearm from a truck and he shot him in the leg. 

Adding sewer service in Lakeport 

The Lakeport Water Association plans to go before the state delegation next week to ask the state to create a special taxing district. 

In addition to taxes they can apply for government grants they can use to add sewer service. 

Attorney Steve Ramunni represents the Association.  He explains what the taxing authority would be. 

“It is not to exceed five mills.  The goal is to pay for it based on connection charges.  It would allow the Lakeport area to apply for grants.  Right now we are unable to do so because we don’t have that governmental authority behind us.” 

The Seminole Tribe is interested in providing the sewer capacity from their plant on the Brighton Reservation. 

The Glades County Board of County Commissioners would appoint the board members to the Association. 

Fatal stabbings in Indiantown and Pahokee. 

Both being worked as homicides 

Martin Deputies said 21 year old Manuel Jermias Souy Perechu had a squabble inside the Blue Moon Bar on route 710 downtown on Saturday morning. 

Afterward, while walking home he was fatally stabbed in the Booker Park area.  Another man was injured. 

The Pahokee stabbing was reported at 5 am on Sunday morning. The victim was a male and the body was discovered in the 8000 block of Doveland Drive. 

Palm Beach County Sheriff Deputies are investigating.