News Cast 11/3

News Cast for November 3rd:

Martin County Sheriff’s Office wants to locate this person of interest

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s help locating 20-year-old Romeo Marcos Francisco-Francisco of Indiantown.

Francisco is a person of interest in a deadly stabbing that occurred at an Indiantown nightclub over the weekend.  A 21 year old local man was stabbed after an incident inside the Blue Moon Bar on Warfield Blvd.

If you have any information on Romeo Marcos Francisco-Francisco, you are asked to call the Martin County Sheriff’s Office at 772- 220-7060, 911, or private message them on Facebook.

Preserving a local ranch 

The state should support the conservation of Adams Ranch.  That the gist of a resolution passed by the St. Lucie County Board of County Commissioners. 15,000 acres would be preserved from development. 

County Attorney Dan McIntyre explained the proposal was being considered for the Florida Forever program. 

The family wants to keep much of the ranch in operation and would lose development rights to build homes. 

“You will never see a housing development on the property. The land will be cared for like it has been for 85 years,” said Leeann Adams Simmons, “We grow food, protect precious water resources and provide a home for wildlife.” 

Sheriff busts barroom dealers 

Two Okeechobee men were charged with selling powder cocaine inside local bars.  Thomas Voss, 33 and Ivess Baker, 21 face felony charges related to sale and possession of cocaine.  Baker was also charged with selling illegal drugs near a church. 

Both suspects sold one gram of cocaine for $100 to an undercover officer in recent days, the arrest reports stated.  Voss also was recorded on a jail phone call October 29.  Detectives said he speaking about more cocaine a relative of his had dumped at Walmart in a trash can. 

Authorities recovered almost eight more grams of the drug.  He was charged with tampering with evidence for this incident.  The city of Okeechobee will bid to purchase the former Primitive Baptist Church at 1003 SW 3rd Avenue. 

The historical society suggests it become a church museum for Okeechobee. 

Mayor Dowling Watford said he likes that idea. 

“We have some good ideas to use the property.  It could be some kind of a tourist destination with the historical items that would be there.” 

Councilmember Bobby Keefe suggested the property would be a nice city park. 

Another idea is to use the fellowship hall to hold items from Cowboy stuntman Gordie Peer. 

The property will be up for sale at public auction. 

WOKC News agreed to not publicize the maximum bid the city was authorized to spend on the property. 

The state is looking to increase the pay of Florida Highway Patrolmen. 

The starting salary of $41,000 thousand and the average salary of $45,000 are not high enough to attract enough troopers these days. 

Pace Calloway with the Department of Motor Vehicles told a Senate committee they continue to lose troopers due to death, other jobs, and low salaries. 

The state hired 190 troopers in the past 90 days.  They also lost 238 troopers due to these challenges.