News Cast 11/6


November 6, 2023

News Cast for November 6th:

Sex offender possesses porn goes back to prison

An Okeechobee sex offender gets another 15 years in prison.

Daryl Tindall was released earlier this year after an appeal reduced his sentence from life in prison to 15 years.

He was under 18 when he committed the crimes of molesting two young children in 2006 and it was found to be unconstitutional to impose life sentences on children, even for murder.

The defense experts argued that Tindall had been fully examined and was not a pedophile or threat to reoffend.

Prosecutor Ashley Albright disagreed as he asked for another life term.

He said he thought Tindall was a threat to the community.

“This was a 16-year-old boy at the time, who very violently grabbed two young girls, ages 8 and 11, and dragged them into his bedroom and sexually molested them.”

Florida passed a law this year that would impose the death penalty on certain violent sex offenses.

A 26-year-old Miami man caught trafficking drugs in Okeechobee on February 23, pled no contest and received three years in prison.

Nicolas Herrera also was fined $50,000.

He had scored 56 months in prison, two years more than the sentence imposed.

The Okeechobee Narcotics Task Force said the suspect agreed to deliver 28 grams of MDPV to Posey’s Corners and they were waiting when he arrived.

A second suspect, 23-year-old Nicolas Mateo Lugo Marcia has a court date on December 13th.  He also faces a drug trafficking charge.

The Moore Haven City Council had a long list of requests for their state delegation this year.

They include $1.4 million to extend the Moore Haven sea wall.

City Manager Larry Tibbs says that would bring in more boats to the county seat, especially during hurricanes as coastal boat owners look for a safe harbor for their boats.

They also requested $3 million for an advanced metering system for water and electric customers.  They also thanked the delegation for supporting the Moore Haven downtown revitalization which broke ground last month.

The Pahokee City commission agreed to put up a fence for better crowd control at the sports complex.

They had a huge brawl on the field and in the parking lot in September during a youth football game.

Palm Beach Deputies were able to disperse the crowd without injury and without making arrests.

Commissioner Derrick Boldin said he doesn’t like the division between the different Pahokee youth football program and would like them to resolve their differences.

“At the end of the day its about our children.  We don’t want adult issues trickling over to children and that becoming a problem between them.  It is not about arguing, its about solutions.  We need to show a good example for our children and show them how conflict is to be resolved.”