News Cast 12/7

News Cast for December 7th:

Another appeal from abused boys 

Lawmakers will try again on reparations for boys that attended the Okeechobee School for boys in the 1950s and 60s and were subjected to brutal beatings. 

Senator George Gainer said Florida needs to close the books on this horrible story. 

“Nobody wants closure to this terrible situation more than the people of northwest Florida.” 

Under this bill former clients at Okeechobee and Marianna can certify victims so they can file for compensation. 

Sponsor Senator Daryl Rouson said there is no financial limit on the compensation at this time. 

White House Boy Gene Luker said he was beaten so badly that his buttocks resembled a burned hot dog when it was finished. 

“I can imagine that if a child had a heart condition or something when that strap hit him he could have died from it.  It was not a paddle or a touch.  It was a beating.” 

Highlands County school buses were back on the roads after a fog advisory this morning. 

They began picking up elementary kids at 8:30 and expected secondary students to start being picked up at 9:40 this morning. 

A dense fog advisory limited visibility to less than a quarter mile.  Several counties in the Tampa Bay area had dense fog this morning. 

The South Florida Water Management District on Friday morning will hold an open house to explain aquifer storage wells. 

They will set up on a site on River Road along the Kissimmee River at 10 am. 

10 wells are planned north of the lake. 

A reservoir storage area has been scrapped along the Kissimmee River. 

Lake Coalition Chairman Carson Turner said he knows why plans for the storage area stopped. 

“Being quite frank.  People were going to get their ass sued off.  People were getting lined up and it was ready to happen Jack.” 

Jennifer Reynolds of SFWMD said these wells have been tried in other parts of the country and worked well. 

“Water is treated, injected underground into a bubble in the aquifer that can maintain the bubble.  You put the water down when you have a lot of it and you bring it back up when you don’t have so much.” 

They are studying the impacts as arsenic has shown up in water reclaimed from the aquifer. 

A negligence lawsuit was filed against the Glades County sheriff’s department. 

Marie Walker claims she was walking on Avenue K and was struck by a Dodge Charger owned by the Sheriff and injured on March 5th

The driver was Sheriffs Employee Victor Alvarez who was also named in the litigation. 

The suit seeks damages on claims for medical bills, pain and suffering, lost earnings,  and mental anquish. 

St. Lucie county is working to improve trash service especially in rural areas. 

Waste Pro hasn’t been able to fill vacancies. 

St. Lucie County itself has six open jobs at their landfill they have had trouble filling. 

Waste Pro Regional Vice President Russell Mackey said the job situation could always change. 

“There is a very thin pool of people to work on garbage trucks for us to hire.  It is something we have to deal with.” 

He said they could offer $20-$25 per hour but still have problems hiring. 

He said the county can expect significant cost increases.   

He stated under the current contract the company loses about $100 per year per home. 

An arrest made in a missing persons case in Tampa Bay. 

Kathleen Moore is believed to have been murdered by her boyfriend, 30 year old Collin Knapp. 

Authorities are trying to find her body. 

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said it appears to be a domestic violence slaying. 

He said the suspect has been very cold and has not told police where the body is. 

“There is a God that knows all the answers.  Mr. Knapp right now you have a chance to do something positive.  You have done so much evil.  Please share with us where Kathleen is.  We can do something for her family and give them some kind of resolution.”