News Cast 12/7


December 7, 2023

News Cast for December 7th:

Homeowner thwarts car theft

Okeechobee Sheriff Deputies responded quickly to a car theft in progress Tuesday night on NE 10th Avenue.

They charge 26-year-old Brett Corales with multiple felonies including attempted burglary to a vehicle, criminal mischief, resisting arrest and loitering and prowling.

Corales allegedly led deputies on a foot chase into a wooded area.  Deputies said he also brought a dog along with him for the theft.

Deputies said the suspect had to be tased to be brought into custody.

His bond was set at $32,500.

US Congressman Scott Franklin who represents Okeechobee and the Heartland region said it may have looked painful and divisive, but the battle for a new house speaker was actually smoother than it looked.

Franklin said it’s not something republicans wanted to go through but it did have its positives.

“I think we emerged as a much stronger conference.  When you lock yourself up in a room for three and a half weeks you learn their views of politics.  We got a lot of things out on the table.  I think were more united as a conference.”

Franklin voted for the new speaker Mike Johnson and said he is a great man and a good leader.

“He really is the real deal.  He is a servant leader and a deep man of faith.  It looked very messy but it wasn’t as messy a process as it was tedious and it took a lot of time.”

A Lorida man charged with methamphetamine possession.

A K-9 unit alerts to the vehicle and finds over 11 grams of hydrocodone.

38-year-old Ricky Tyler had been pulled over for speeding.

The village of Indiantown interested in a bio solids facility.

It would help the water quality north of Lake Okeechobee and other areas by reducing the amount of sewage waste that is land applied.

Sedron Technologies has similar facilities in Seattle and Indiana.

Stanley Janicki called it a simpler way to get rid of sewage waste.

He said costs are lower than current disposal methods, there is no local tax dollars spent, and it creates numerous high paying manufacturing jobs.

The village is currently replacing the sewage treatment plant with money from the state and would lease land not used at the plant for this facility.

A chase out of Highlands County on US 98 results in a crash Wednesday.

Speeds reached 110 miles per hour.

Highlands County went to a residence in Lorida to serve a warrant when they saw a vehicle leaving the home at a high rate of speed.

They gave chase but suspended the chase soon afterward.

The vehicle was later seen near Thunder Road and a second chase began onto US 98 east bound.

Okeechobee deputies deployed stop sticks in Basinger on the vehicle.

A second set of stop sticks were deployed south of NE 80th Avenue that resulted in the suspect trying to avoid them, he went off the road and went through a barbed wire fence and flipped the vehicle multiple times.

David Kingsley, 48 was ejected and was flown to a regional medical facility for treatment.