News Cast 12/8


December 8, 2023

News Cast for December 8th:

Taking a tour of Parkland

The leader of Okeechobee Schools Ken Kenworthy and his lead School resource officer recently took a tour of Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High school in Parkland.

They toured the building where Nicolas Cruz opened fire in 2018, killing students and staff.

Kenworthy said he was struck by the building still being a crime scene and that the building remains stuck in time.

“The disturbing part was entering that facility knowing there were so many that lost their lives.  The sad part about it is it is still a crime scene.”

He said it really hit home seeing desks and floors smeared with blood.

“You had DNA and puddles of blood where a kid lost his life because this murderer chose to bring a gun to school.”

Kenworthy said he hoped to get some information to perhaps improve security at the new Okeechobee High School.

They want to demolish the Parkland classroom building next year.

Florida US Senator Rick Scott wants a balanced budget in 2024.

Republicans in the house and senate are agreeable to a one percent reduction in federal spending.

Negotiations will be coming to try and avoid a federal government shutdown in mid-January.

Senator Scott said there is too much power in too few hands in the senate these days and lawmakers are fed up.

“If Ronald Reagan was here today he would say what the hell has happened to my country?  We have all been working together all year.  We have got to start the path of fiscal sanity.  Everyone up here would like to have a balanced budget.  We are willing to work with everyone else to start the path.”

The city of Moore Haven has gone to court with the operator of a junk yard at 499 Avenue E.

They have cited the property for code violations and the tenant has appealed in court.

The city agreed to continue a base reduction for water fees at the Glades Correctional Development Corporation.

They lost revenue each month when the facility closed.

Vice Mayor Jake Eigner said they are willing to help with the bill but can’t go too far.

The city also is considering a land swap with the First Baptist Church of Moore Haven for lots on Avenue J.