News Cast for April 11th:

The Okeechobee City council discussed current regulations on food trucks.

Inside the city limits, food trucks can not be permanent fixtures and can only operate three hours at a time.

Councilmember Bob Jarriel said the city needs to make sure the food trucks abide by the law.

“To have some trucks come in, park on property, and be a permanent fixture with table and chairs is a concern. We are charging restaurants who pay taxes. I think we are causing ourselves an issue.”

Local businessman Jason Ferrell said he supports food trucks and the services they provide.

He adds he knows the issue there is with restaurants and trying not to hurt tax paying businesses.

“I really hate it for restaurants. I know how hard it is to do business in Okeechobee. We are so seasonal. I don’t want to make it harder for anyone to do business.”

Law enforcement will have more investigative requirements of domestic violence issues under a law signed by the governor this week.

The bill was motivated by the Gabby Petito case, the Florida woman allegedly murdered by her boyfriend.

Law enforcement will have to work on policies, procedures and training and follow a 12-question list to determine the danger the victim is in.

Sheriff Noel Stephen said he wants his deputies to be well trained and they will comply with the law.

He admits domestic violence calls have been going up.

He said Okeechobee cares about their neighbors and if they see something they say something.

Glades County extended their suspension of impact fees on new growth for EMS, parks, schools and roads. They have shown interest in the past for an updated study on the fees and possible implementation.

Glades County supported the Lakeport Water Association’s interest in providing sewer service to that community.

Chairman Tim Stanley said sewer will be a county wide issue.

The county also honored Lt. John Biggs who retired after 34 years of service to the fire department.

The two-day heritage festival takes place Saturday and Sunday at the Edna Pearce Lockett Estate.

Events include the Southern Country Soul Band, Mountain Dew Cloggers, Kissimmee River pontoon boat tours, arts and crafts, tours of the historic home, and cracker trail riders and cow camp.