News Cast 5/20

News Cast for May 20th:

Danny Payne found guilty 

An Okeechobee man shot his friend killing him. 

That is what a jury found Thursday. 

Danny Ray Payne will be sentenced June 9th for the death of Stacy Tyson. 

He was convicted of third degree murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and shooting a deadly missile. 

The defense claimed somebody else shot Tyson by accident not Payne. 

They claim all of the witnesses were drugged out and didn’t know what happened. 

Prosecutors said Payne changed his story many times and flew into a violent rage when he found his girlfriend in bed with another man. 

The state has included $400 million in the proposed budget for water storage projects north of Lake Okeechobee this year. 

Senate President Wilton Simpson is a strong proponent of more projects and aquifer storage wells. 

He said this storage will help the system work the way its supposed to and help avoid droughts. 

“Not having all the nutrient levels coming from the north and by not having releases to the east and west will take a lot of pressure off the system.” 

Simpson is also a strong supporter of aquifer storage well. 

“In every decade we have a couple of really dry years.  When this happens we get a very low water table.  We can pull that water back up, put it back into the system and make sure we have adequate water supply.” 

Solar fields might be the next thing that takes land off the tax roll in Glades County. 

That the concern of the county commission who has long opposed water storage projects 

Commissioner Donna Storter Long reports a recent deal where Caloosa Cattle company will receive $5.5 million to sell 130 acres for $42,000 acre to the South Florida Water Management 

Chairman Tim Stanley said he hears agreements for the Big Cedar Lodge project are nearing completion at Okee-Tantie and that Charlotte County expects growth to push into western Glades County soon. 

32 year old William Ginane of Okeechobee faces battery on law enforcement, aggravated assault with a vehicle, resisting arrest with violence and battery charges. 

Deputies said he drove into a drive thru convenience store on 441 south east, started to rev up his engine and started to curse employees. 

After a verbal confrontation the owner called deputies who encountered Ginane at a nearby residence. 

He allegedly resisted arrest, verbally abused deputies, and kicked at deputies. 

Florida agriculture commissioner Nikki Fried asked the governor to declare an emergency over high gas and food prices. 

Fried said retailers would reduce gas prices if they were allowed to. 

State law forbids gas stations from selling fuel at or below cost. 

Gas prices have hovered about $4.50 per gallon with diesel fuel prices much higher than that. 

An Osceola deputy will face charges of culpable negligence for tackling a man wanted after a chase. 

The suspect was taken down at a gas station while fueling a dirt bike. 

David Crawford used a taser, sparking a fire that burned himself and the suspect, 26 year old Jean Baretto. 

The suspect was burned on 75 percent of his body and is battling for his life. 

Sheriff Marcos Lopez was asked if deputies have remorse. 

“This was horrible but what else do you do.  It’s the law for us to enforce.  We give an oath to enforce the law.  The public complained about reckless dirt bikes.  You have to go after these guys and stop this bad behavior.” 

The dirt biker had led deputies on a lengthy chase through two counties, doing wheelies, running 13 red lights, speeding and driving recklessly.  A helicopter chartered his movements. 

A small brush fire grew to 130 acres in Glades County before being contained Thursday. 

The Gumhead fire near the Linden Pens Marsh brought out the Florida Forest Service, Glades County Public Safety, the Moore Haven fire department, and Ortona volunteer firemen.