News Cast 5/3

News Cast for May 3rd:

A $250,000 bond imposed in a criminal charge that stems from an alleged alcohol related crash. 

Wiley Boswell, 64 was charged with DUI manslaughter for a January 29th crash. 

He was picked up on a warrant April 29th

It is alleged that Boswell was behind the wheel in a two vehicle crash that claimed the life of a 74 year old Okeechobee woman and seriously injured a four year old child. 

The accident occurred at the intersection of State Road 70 west and SW 48th Avenue. 

Okeechobee County Commissioners supported putting more restrictions on future target or gun ranges. 

They want to keep them away from residential areas. 

The closer they are to residences, the more they get noise complaints. 

County staff will come up with a list of facilities that are approved through special exceptions, like gun ranges, that right now are approved by the planning board. 

Some of these facilities would have to be approved by the commission. 

Commissioner Brad Goodbread said he knows firsthand the impacts of noise from gun ranges. 

“I hear the noise in my backyard when I have barbecues.  Sometimes it sounds like the fall of Saigon, but I’ve learned to live with it.” 

Martha’s House Domestic Violence Shelter will hold a Family Fun Day at Kiwanis Park this Saturday from 10 am until 3 pm 

They continue to fight the problem of domestic violence. 

Executive Director Jonathan Bean said they continue to push for safe and violence free homes. 

The Talking Monkeys Project in Hendry County was the topic for the monthly meeting of the Hendry Glades Audubon Society. 

The monkey sanctuary has close to 30 chimps. 

The facility is located in Pioneer Estates. 

Dr. Deborah Misotti wants to teach conservation and promotes international research and students wanting to work with chimps. 

She told the group they promote the health of exotic animals into the future. 

She also spoke on her role in helping the federal government shut down a trafficking ring that dealt with exotic animals. 

An expensive joy ride in a police car. 

31 year old Logan Hobson was charged with grand theft auto and leaving the scene of an accident after he allegedly took a Seminole police car being worked on at a local garage. 

The joyride included running into the gate of a local cattle ranch on Cemetery Road. 

Several witnesses saw the vehicle being driven erratically and called law enforcement. 

The police were called to the garage before the theft  but learned Hobson worked at a nearby business and was allowed to be on the property. 

The police car is equipped with video cameras which will be reviewed as part of the investigation.