News Cast 5/6

News Cast for May 6th:

Reward offered to try and find killer 

Hendry County Sheriff deputies locked up a Tallahassee man in the shooting death of Evereonna Sankey at the Brown Sugar Festival in Harlem last weekend. 

Larance Humphrey, 29  allegedly tampered with evidence.  He was held at the Hendry County jail on charges of accessory after the fact. 

Hendry Deputies have an $8,000 reward to find the killer. 

The victim’s family said their father died of a heart attack shortly after hearing the tragic news. 

No luck for a migrant labor camp

St. Lucie County Commissioners voted 3-2 to reject a special use permit for migrant labor camp to serve a citrus operation near the Okeechobee-St. Lucie County line on route 68.

The majority of commissioners ruled that essential services like fire, police and ems were too far away from the facility.

Rebecca Isaac said she wants to make sure employees are safe.  She said farm labor is a way of life for a lot of people and jobs are important to the community.

The complex would have served 96 workers.

Tod Mowery says the county should follow the law and not vote because of a negative opinion on labor camps.

Harvester George Pantoso said Happy Farms and other citrus growers take care of their employees and can’t find local workers.

He noted they don’t tax fire, police and ems services.

The workers come from Mexico each year.

Traffic infraction leads to drug arrest 

Okeechobee County Sheriff Deputies turned a traffic stop into a bust for drug trafficking. 

An arrest report said Joshua Mumford, 43 committed traffic violations on US 98 headed toward town. He crossed the center line and fog line numerous times.  Other problems included an out of date tag on the attached trailer he was hauling and only one functional break light on the truck. 

The driver was also not wearing a seat belt.  Deputies said Mumford gave them various stories of where he was headed and refused to allow a search of the vehicle. 

A K-9 unit alerted to the vehicle, and a search found over 19 grams of methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, some pills and marijuana. 

Bond was set at $80,500.