News Cast for May 7th:

Berman Road and Dark Hammock Road around the Okeechobee landfill have been plagued by trash problems according to county commissioners.

They want Waste Management to do a better job of cleaning up the shoulders of the road.

Commissioner Frank DeCarlo said there is a lot of trash along the roads in many parts of Okeechobee.

“I can take a garbage once a week in my side by side and pick up trash along the road. I’ll say I can’t believe there is this much trash because a cow would choke on it.”

The company did hire a deputy that will write tickets to those with unsecured loads or garbage loads that are not property tarped.

Two adult dogs and a puppy were in the care of animal control after a case of an alleged neglect.

The adult dogs were found with fleas, unclean with no food or water. The dogs were also malnourished.

The puppy had a severe spinal injury and was dragging itself on two front legs.

The veterinarian found a bb lodged in the puppies spine.

James Jenkins the third faces three felony charges of animal cruelty. He has surrendered ownership of these dogs.

The affordable housing committee in Okeechobee considered some tax breaks for veterans and low and very low-income families.

They also want to help repair and replace aging septic tanks in mobile homes older than 1994.

Committee member Mary Beth Cooper asked about permits and inspections on older mobile homes.

“In some cases there are situations where the residents for years have been in unhealthy mobile homes without floors and other problems. This would allow them to stay there even longer. I wonder how the committee feels about this situation.”

These are only recommendations the county commission could consider.

A routine traffic stop in Basinger results in the seizure of nearly 17 grams of methamphetamine.

Daryl Tomblin was charged with trafficking and held on $251,000 bond.

The drugs were found in a plastic bag in the front counsel.

The vehicle was pulled over because the driver and passenger were not wearing seat belts.

Monday was a smokey day in Okeechobee.

In addition to smoke from the Longbay fire of 250 acres in western St. Lucie County, Okeechobee also had smoke from the north and the Kissimmee Prairie Preserve State Park.

The Florida Forest Service was conducting a controlled burn at the park burning 8,500 acres.