News Cast 6/27

News Cast for June 27th:

The Rivers Coalition donated much of their monthly meeting to the threat of toxic algae blooms this summer.

(Mark Perry told the group that there is a real threat of toxic algae blooms in the lake this summer)
(Mark Perry says there are reasons to worry this summer)
(Rob Lord, former director of the Cleveland Clinic says he had to speak up on behalf of the medical field)
(Rob Lord says the Cleveland Clinic had to take a stand on the issue)
(Rob Lord says there are various health impacts from toxic algae blooms)
(Rob Lord says the health impacts are certain)

The sale of dogs, cats and rabbits is now illegal in Martin County.

County Commissioners voted unanimously last week to change local ordinances to prohibit the retail sale of animals, joining nearly eighty other counties or cities across the state to enact similar bans.

In Martin County, there are currently two stores that sell animals within the city limits of Stuart.

Existing pet stores have six months to sell off inventory.

(Tracy Hickler advocated for the closure of pet stores)
(County Commissioner Ed Ciampi says one year is too long for these stores to close)