News Cast for June 30th:

Man goes to prison for assault on baby

An Okeechobee man received five years in prison for allegedly causing a baby serious injuries including a skull fracture.

Irashell Rosado pled no contest to child abuse and child neglect charges.

In September, 2021 a baby was found with the skull fracture, brain bleed and other injuries in an Okeechobee home.

City police said Rosado claimed the baby fell out of bed or was injured by their siblings.

The siblings said they heard Rosado slapping and yelling at the baby.

He was the only adult in the home at the time of the injuries.

A Broward County jury found ex school resource officer Scot Peterson not guilty on charges related to the Parkland shooting.

Those charges included child neglect and negligence.

They deliberated over four days and 19 hours.

Peterson had this reaction to reporters.

“We have our life back after four and a half years.  Our attorney put the truth out about what happened.  It has been an emotional rollercoaster for so long.”

He said the one to blame for the shooting is the actual killer, Nikolas Cruz, who is serving a life sentence.

17 people including 14 students died in the shooting.

Parents of the students could not understand the verdict.

Tony Montalto said it was clear Peterson took no actions and stayed in place while others tried to help.

“Sadly, we don’t understand what a jury needs to see to return a guilty verdict in Broward County.  There was video of former deputy Peterson hearing the shots, running and hiding, taking up a position for 48 minutes and standing still while other officers rushed in.”

Peterson is considering a civil lawsuit against the former Sheriff of Broward County Scott Israel for allegedly defaming him when he blamed him for the mass shooting.

The Okeechobee County Planning Board approved a special exception for a drive thru restaurant at 2605 highway 441 south, the former Chevron station.

About half of the property will be used for an oil change and car wash which is already allowed in that zoning district.

The application did not name the restaurant.  The parcel is roughly two acres.

The county will require a 6 feet high fence on the west boundary of the property for the restaurant.

Okeechobee County Commissioners opted not to pursue $250,000 worth of welcome signs.

They were planning to put them in on 70 at both the Highlands and St. Lucie lines, and on 441 at the Martin County line.

Chairman David Hazellief said he didn’t like the costs of engineering and design.

“We may not have the quarter of a million dollars to do the welcome signs right now.  We have a lot of other things out there.  If we do it, I’m not in favor of spending $75,000 for something that we don’t need.”

45 businesses in Indiantown helped to raise over $37,400  for tomorrow night’s fireworks show at Timer Powers Park.

It kicks off July 4th festivities with many fireworks shows planned around the lake.

The Indiantown event includes fun, food and entertainment with monster trucks and free watermelon from US Sugar.  It runs from 4 pm to 9 pm.

The Indiantown Village council learned the state budget included $250,000 for congregate meals for seniors at the civic center.

They also received $550,000 to repair and improve drainage and pavement along SW Lincoln Street.

By Taylor