News Cast 7/22

News Cast for July 22nd:

An alleged shooter behind bars 

A May 28th shooting victim has recovered. 

Okeechobee County Sheriff deputies made an arrest in the case on Tuesday. 

Breaira Smith, 22 was charged with attempted first degree murder. 

Good Samaritans found the shooting victim lying in the street near the intersection of NE 14th Street and NE 8th Avenue and drove the patient in her car to get to the responding ambulance quicker. 

Smith was a friend of the victim.  She had been accused of taking the victim’s cell phone.  The two women got into a verbal altercation and Smith is charged with pulling out the gun and shooting the victim in the right side of the head. 

The victim identified Smith as the person who shot her. 

Bond in the case was set at $100,000.  

Okeechobee School Board gets ready for new school  year 

Seminole Elementary School will continue to have an extended day this year due to low reading scores. 

The district yet to get reading scores from the state but had to settle bell and bus schedules. 

The district also doesn’t expect to change the mask policy when school begins with masks being recommended but not required. 

The school board begins budget discussions tonight. 

Assistant Superintendent Dylan Tedders said teachers can expect a pay raise this year. 

The target of the state is $47,500 for first year teachers. 

Tedders said the district fees negotiations will go well and a fair agreement can be reached. 

The state reported Okeechobee High School graduation rates improved from 76 to 84 percent. 

Tedders said offering more classes at night at Okeechobee Achievement Academy has helped to increase graduation rates. 

Indiantown bus barn dispute continues 

The Indiantown community continues to voice concerns over the closure of the Indiantown bus barn. 

All the school buses now go back to Stuart and the coast and that delays any evacuation of students from the three schools in Indiantown should there be an emergency. 

Martin County School Board chair Marsha Powers said the board needs to address this issue. 

She said it is a public safety issue.