News Cast 9/25


September 25, 2023

News Cast for September 25th:

Drugs keep flowing in

Congressman Scott Franklin is advocating for completion of the border wall.

It is not likely to happen with democrats in control of the Senate and the White House.

Franklin said too many drugs, like fentanyl are making its way to Florida.

He points out that drug addictions are starting to impact our available work force, even in rural areas.

“Ranchers and growers struggle in a lot of areas to find dependable workforce for folks that are hopped up on drugs.  Drug addiction has become a really big problem even in our district.”

Franklin said every state is now a border state.

“I-10 is only a few miles north of the border.  It doesn’t take very long for these folks to cross the border and they are here in Florida in no time.  Our state is one of the most desirable to go.”

A Glades County parent sued the school board for negligence claiming their son was battered by a teacher at school.

Victor Alfonso Ruiz filed the litigation in Glades Circuit Court asking for damages of over $50,000.

The main claims against the district are negligence in hiring, training and supervision.

The alleged incident occurred on May 11, 2022.  Ruiz claims the son was battered by teacher Robert Wingate at gym class.

Two Lakeport parents are behind bars on child neglect charges.

Glades County sheriff deputies said a 10-year-old girl walked to a nearby convenience store and asked for food and money.

They located the parents at a nearby residence and one of the parents admitted they had been using narcotics.

Charged were Timothy Hastings and Sarah Hastings.

A Glades County grandparent said she was upset when a school bus driver dropped off her 11 year old grand daughter a mile from her home on US 27.

The incident happened on September 18th in Palmdale.

Christine Baxter spoke to Fox 4 news about the ordeal

“She’s an 11 year old girl anything could have happened.  She was scared, she is 11, she had never been put off on the side of the road before.”

The school district said the bus driver received a reprimand and all drivers will receive more training.

It was the first time this year the student had taken the school bus home and she was not certain about her bus stop.

𝐑𝐄𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐃𝐄𝐑: To all Unincorporated Residents of Okeechobee County – As advertised several times in the local paper, and noticed by mail to all residents, the new Waste Management Contract goes into effect October 1, 2023. Please be mindful of the below updates:

While this was not part of the previous contract, some residents were receiving recycling services. However, beginning October 1, 2023, there will no longer be curbside collection in the unincorporated area of Okeechobee county. Residents may continue to utilize the dedicated recycling drop-off container at WM’s Okeechobee Landfill, located at 10800 NE 128th Avenue, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Please continue to use your current trash container. There are no changes to your one-time per week collection service.

WM will collect bulk yard waste, which is considered large, loose piles that are 4 cubic yards or less (about the size of a picnic table). The resident/property owner is responsible to make arrangements for removal of anything more than 4 cubic yards. You may self-haul, hire a private contractor, or contact WM to schedule service for $15 per cubic yard.

Containerized, bagged, and small, neatly stacked yard waste piles (a few palm fronds) will continue to be serviced on your regularly scheduled yard waste collection day.

In mid-2024, WM has advised that residents in the unincorporated area will be serviced with new automated side load trucks and county residents will be receiving new cans to accommodate those automated trucks. More information on these process will be distributed at a later date