The Glades Count School District (GCSD) apologizes for the unfortunate error in judgment as a student was dropped off at a non-approved stop in the Palmdale area. On the evening of 9-21-23, we received information of a concerned parent via a Facebook post. She stated that her child was dropped off the bus nearly a mile from her house on US HWY 27. We take this issues very serious and immediately began to investigate. We pulled bus videos, spoke with the driver, the family, and the child. Upon completing the initial stage of the investigation, we were able to determine the following:

  • The student was dropped off at a non-approved bus stop.
  • The distance from the stop to the student’s house was deemed to be .8 of a mile.
  • The student was not dropped off on US HWY 27. However, she was dropped off very close to HWY 27.
  • The driver did not follow best practices and protocols on student transportation.

The GCSD completely understands and sympathizes with the families and the concern citizens. This unfortunate incident should have not happened. We take full responsibility. Therefore we are taking necessary steps to ensure this issue is not repeated.

  • The bus driver is being disciplined.
  • All drivers will be required to take 2 additional hours of training in Bus Stop Safety.
  • The district will implement a “new” district-wide form for all new students riding a bus. This form will be used for students who have going home change as well.
  • Drivers are being instructed to not transport and return to school any student who doesn’t have the proper form.

We take the responsibility of transporting the children of Glades County very serious. We will do everything within our power to ensure students are safe and secure throughout our campuses and on our buses. Our investigation continues and our commitment is unwavering.